June 15, 2016

The team at Canal Fulton Enterprise provides many services for both residential and commercial properties. We provide electrical services for both small home projects to large commercial additions. Listed below are some of our most common services, however, if you don’t see your project listed or have questions, feel free to call us at 330-832-7200.

Service Panel Upgrades

An electric service upgrade is often recommended or required to increase the capacity of the existing electrical service. With all the new appliances and technical devices we now have in our homes, we find that older homes just don’t have sufficient power available to handle the increased demand. Therefore, a “service change” is required. This may include not only upgrading your electric panel, but upgrading your meter socket, the wire between the meter and panel, the wire between the utility and the meter and the grounding system as well.

Home Rewiring

To eliminate electrical hazards, owners of older homes may require rewiring of the home. Modern appliances such as air conditioning, microwaves and hair dryers weren’t household necessities years ago, and to meet such demands, changes are often in order to increase a home’s electrical capacity. We can provide you with the assistance you need to rewire your home.

Residential & Commercial Additions

Whether you are building a new home or business property or are adding a new addition the electrical system is a vital component to this process. Our electricians can help you with the entire project including planning the process, ensuring that the codes are adhered to and full installation for all of your electrical needs.

Fire & Storm Damage Repairs

Fire or storm damage can not only be a painful time in life, but can require a full repair of your electrical system. It’s times like these that you need a knowledgeable electrical team that can quickly and properly complete the project. We can help you to identify the damage, come up with a plan to fix the electrical issues and remedy all of the damage.

Switches and Outlets

Today, our lifestyles require properly placed switches and outlets that enable us to easily access power and lighting. A common issue is the need for installation of more switches or outlets to allow this to happen. We are able to work with you to create a plan for the installation of a greater number of properly placed switches or outlets in your home or business.